Women in Digital and Information Technology

So, WiDgIT I hear you say. What the heck is that all about?

It’s a well documented fact that women in many industries are under-represented, but women in technology more than most. There are also many organisations that aim to raise the profile of women in these areas such as Women In Technology, and the Girl Geeks movement.

Both organisations do a remarkable job, but neither offered me what I was looking for, which is;

  • A free and informal way to get in touch with other women who share similar interests (namely tech and digital/social)
  • An inclusive group that defines its own path
  • Something local to Liverpool that I can fit in on the way home from work now and again

Hence, the launch of Women in Digital and Information Technology!

Who should come along? 

Good question, if you’re reading this and are ever so slightly interested, then probably you. All will be welcomed whether you work or play in Digital or IT. It’s probably worth noting that this event will not try to teach you about digital or IT on a ‘How do I… basis, but that we can probably point you in the direction of places that can.

The date is in the diary for the first meeting, 30th January 2012. 5.30 onwards, at Bold St Coffee, 89 Bold St, Liverpool.

The format of the meeting is yet to be decided, and any comments about what you would like to happen at the first meeting, and in the future  will be warmly welcomed.

We’re on Twitter at @widgitliverpool and will be using the #widgit tag where possible.

If you fancy coming along to a very informal and welcoming evening, please register for free here;



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