First and foremost…

Tonight saw the first ‘in real life’ meeting of Women in Digital and I.T. in Liverpool.

12 women attended from a wide range of backgrounds and roles, and we were all suitably impressed by the latte art in Bold St Coffee.

The meetings are short by design (90 minutes) and as tonight was the first meeting, the group used some idea cards to jot down notes on what they were interested in, and what they wanted to get out of the meetings in future.

We missed a few people who were unable to make it this time, and hope to catch up with them soon.

I’ll document the notes here, and invite any of the attendees/followers to comment or take discussions further, here, on google plus or on facebook, or at the next meeting on Feb 27th.

Spotlight – on innovation/cool stuff/new/interesting ideas.

Jobs – can help people locate IT jobs, use open blog space to disseminate information. To get advice.

Mentoring – good for newbies! Knowledge sharing, breaking through the silo’s, slide-slams, discuss and get input on current ideas and projects. Young people – school children, others wanting to know more, members of group who want to know more. Inspiring kids to help them get more out of school.

Networking – Yes please. Always good to know what others are up to and if we can help. Definitely, and introductions please. Contact list or social media group on any/all platforms. Can cross boundaries between employers and fields.

Learning  – yes please, bite size chunks. Picking brains.

Speakers – Yes, new ideas/approaches/tech. Have to be broad topic areas so is inclusive for all. Don’t want to speak, happy to listen! Depends on subject and length, hard to pull off?  (Had a conversation about possible debate topics instead of speakers, or choice of both)

Socialising – Yes!

Career – space for online biographies, specific to women – effects of family life, career breaks etc, What’s the latest..?.

Pitching – Workshops x 2, idea sharing, techniques and processes. Opportunity to put ideas out there and get feedback.

Volunteering – Yes, but time/location could be difficult. Yes, maybe online forums and supporting beginners.

Who  – are we? What do we do? Why are we doing it? Are our audience?

So, as you can see – a really productive evening and a great start to WiDgIT. Long may it reign!


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